Attelle hallux valgus HALLUFIX complète


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A complete ttelle Hallufix


The Hallufix splint, brace for hallux valgus, is used in case of malposition light and medium yet correctable, the big toe and after surgery for hallux valgus.


The splint Hallufix has a corrective effect on the joint of the big toe. Reach night splint to stretch the soft tissue atrophied (capsule) to the joint of the big toe. The deviation of the joint can be corrected gradually.


The splint Hallufix after surgery, ensures the maintenance of correction of the position of the big toe, obtained by the intervention.


Mode of action:

  • Supports the foot stepper
  • Protects the onion without side effects
  • Corrects the deviation
  • Conservative and postoperative treatment
  • Reduces the risk of osteoarthritis
  • Shortened rehabilitation time
  • To be worn in almost any shoe comfortable


The kit includes splint Hallufix:

  • With articulation and splint removal slots
  • Toe splint
  • Metatarsal splint
  • Toe Bandage
  • Toe Bandage
  • Metatarsal bandage
  • Pelota metatarsal


Hallufix splint kit comes in one size is for both left and right.


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Attelle hallux valgus HALLUFIX complète

Attelle hallux valgus HALLUFIX complète